Professional Weight Dip Belt with Chain Premium Double Padded with 34" Heavy Duty Chain Double Stitching, Max your Weight lifting & Body building with Dipping Belt

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Feeling out of options for maximizing your muscle mass in Chin-ups or Pull-ups? Try this secret weapon and feel great muscle strength.

Want to maximize your gains and minimize the risk of injury? Want to get best comfort for your back and keep lifting to your max ability? Try our Dip belt for Weight lifting, Bodybuilding or Cross fitRealize the real power of you! Increase your muscle strength and shape you wished for years!


What is a Dip Belt (Dipping Belt)?

Dip belt with chain

Dip belt is a special kind of belt used to strengthen your muscles by adding extra weights for chin ups and dips. This belt is also called Weight Dip belt or Dipping belt with Chain. This belt has a steel chain attached to it for adding weight plates.

Whether you’re performing chin ups,  dips, pull-ups, or the hip belt squat, this belt gives your extended ability to add some more and increase your muscle mass. If you're looking to add a challenging new element to an existing body-weight exercise, this is the simple accessory to get it done.

Benefits of using Iron King Fitness Professional Dip Belt with chain

  • ✅ MAXIMIZE MUSCLE GAIN – get maximum muscle strength with your IronKingFitness professional weight dip belt. You’ll throw up the most repetitions with most weight of your life. Build strength evenly and optimum muscle appearance. This belt is best for increasing muscle mass for Chest, Deltoids, Calvs and several other muscles.
  • ✅ BETTER SUPPORT – Double Padded design for excellent support and comfort for your back to prevent back injuries keeping the best performance.
  • ✅ PERFECT FOR MEN or WOMEN – Anybody can use this dip belt for weightlifting or bodybuilding and do ultimate workout for different parts of body. One size fits all (33”X6.5”) perfectly designed for all forms of lifters. Increase strength in chin-ups, platform squats, calf raises, weighted push-ups and many more.
  • ✅ BEST QUALITY MATERIAL - made with best quality polypropylene material for excellent durability. Quickly adjust the weights for your workout with adjustable 33” steel chain with quick carabiner clip. Our dip belt with chain has the best quality and provides excellent results
  • ✅ LIFETIME WARRANTY – Your professional IronKingFitness dip belt with chain comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have our words to replace your belt if there is anything wrong with it at any time.

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How to use Dip Belt

What People are Saying

Ronit Stevens

This is an extremely well engineered belt. I have no worries loading it with weights.I looked at in local sporting good stores and for the same cost, so it is a good value. - I would definitely recommend this lifting belt "Good Stuff"


I received my belt and have had the opportunity to workout with it twice so far. I'm very pleased with the construction and performance of the belt. A comfortable fit.

Jay Swartz

Love the belt a lot. Seems very durable and strong. I'm sure it will last a long time.

Get this Dip Belt

We produce high quality weight dip belts which are Double Padded inside so that it does not hurt your back while you have added more weights in the chain. Incredible 33″ steel chain with best quality hinges to hold the loops of belt. You can buy this belt on our Amazon Store

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