Are you tired of trying different belts for supporting your back?

Are you afraid of back injuries which keep you away from performing heavy lifting workouts?

Well, you have reached the right product now.


Our belts are strong and fit yet comfortable around naval of your belly or abdominal area, adjust to your body shape and supports your back well.

Can be worn by Men and Women. Good for ladies specifically as these belts are lightweight ideal for female body. Our belts come in two colors Black and Grey and three sizes Small, Medium and Large. The contoured design of the product makes it attractive and worthy.

Our belts have strong nylon strap and Velcro to keep the belt fit during squats, deadlifts and other workouts. These belts can be used in Gym or if someone is already suffering from back injuries and wants more support in doing day to day work. Females can wear it beneath their shirts without any hesitation. Our belts are used for weight lifting, power lifting, body building and crossfit

Benefits of using Iron King Fitness Weight Lifting belt with Velcro

  • ✅ AVOID BACK INJURIES - This belt is of great value if you are doing back strength exercises & want to avoid injuries. Confidently perform Back Squats, Barbell Deadlift, Bent-Over Barbell Deadlift, Standing T-Bar Row, Power Cleans, Dead Lifts, Clean & Jerks, Overhead Squats and other exercises.
  • ✅ LIGHT & COMFORTABLE - Forget the discomfort of wearing a leather belt. Our belts are Light weight and flexible. Have good padding inside and fits well around the waist. You do not have to worry about adding more holes as these belts have nylon strap with strong velcro.
  • ✅ GYM OR WORK - This belt can be used for exercise in Gym or can be worn under cloths for Work to support your lower back and lift weights. The sleek design and good fitting gives you all you want to to avoid back injuries.
  • ✅ POWERLIFTING & OLYMPIC LIFTING - The Weight belt provides great support for a variety of exercises in power lifting and olympic lifting which involve jerk and heavy weights. This belt makes it safe to do deadlifts and other bodybuilding workouts as well.
  • ✅ STRONG & QUALITY MATERIAL - Unlike other belts, our belt comes with good quality material for giving more strength to back. Strong Velcro makes sure that the belt keeps its position during movement. It comes with a LIFE TIME WARRANTY as well, so best value for money.