5 benefits of lifting weights that nobody told you in Gym!

Weight training is not only what you think, it has a lot more in it. If you think that you should start weightlifting just to get muscle mass, you need to go through this information to get the idea of other benefits. While taking a decision to start weightlifting, the things you will see first are the magazines with the pictures of highly toned women and men. All of them are tanned and they look happy. However, it clearly shows that they have put a lot of effort in the gym before this photoshoot. Your fitness trainer must have told you about the benefits of weightlifting but here are some points that no one told you about weightlifting:

  1. Develops the sense of self-worth:

    Self-worth is something essential for your personal development and getting involved in weight training will help you develop this sense of self-worth. The feeling that you have a control on yourself and you can achieve something you want is beneficial for your psychological health. Imagine yourself setting a new record at the gym, will it not boost your self-confidence? The answer of every individual out there will be yes.

  2. Enhances your contributions in life:

    You must have heard that health is better than any wealth in this world. Most of us take this phrase for granted. It is shown through researches that the people who do not have health only realizes its importance. If you are able to go to a gym and engage yourself in weightlifting, you must be one of the healthiest persons alive and this will further help you in playing your part in different fields of life.

  3. Discovers the strength of your mind:

    With different weight training accessories, you are kind of challenging yourself in different ways. The amount of effort you can put to something reveals the pressure your mind can bear. There will be times when you will not be able to finish a target or when you will not finish a set, people around you will see you fail. Still, if you get up again and try harder, it will show that your brain has the capacity to face the failures of life.

  4. Self-identification:

    Weightlifting is all about getting to know yourself, abilities, potential, limitations and much more. Moreover, it will boost your self-confidence in many ways. The ability to recognize one’s limitation is the best thing that can work as a motivational point. You will set your goals with relation to these limitations and this is all weightlifting is about, you are challenging your limitations to achieve more.

  5. Boost up your IQ level:

    If you thing that you can boost your IQ level only through reading a lot of books, you are mistaken. Although books play a great role in the development of your brain capabilities but many studies have found out that engaging yourself into fitness exercises helps you in increasing your IQ level.

If you are already into weight training, you are doing a great job but if you are not, start it as soon as possible.

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